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Is your company ready for flexible mobility in 2022 ?

Complete our free mobility assessment and we'll tell you.
It's quite simple, just answer the 8 questions below and we'll show you how your company can make the transition to a more sustainable and flexible corporate mobility.
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This survey will provide you with interesting insights to revolutionise your corporate mobility.
You'll receive concrete recommendations to set up the mobility plan that matches your company's needs!

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Why would I need to assess my company's mobility?

You'll be able to reduce your reduce your costs, reduce your CO2 output and increase your employee happiness!
More info under the survey!

Reduce your CO2-output

Commuting accounts for 80% of your average company's CO2 output. We will provide you with easy solutions to lower your CO2 output through legal and fiscal framemworks

Reduce your costs

We will show you how to optimize both time and costs linked to corporate mobility.

Increase your employee happiness

The past couple of years have changed corporate mobility forever. Flexible and innovative mobility packs are the way to go!
Free mobility guide

They already
trust us

Industry leaders choose Skipr to manage their mobility.
At Ogilvy Social.Lab we aim to promote flexible and green mobility options, in order to improve our environmental impact. After a pilot phase, we are happy to partner up with Skipr to introduce the mobility budget internally and to take a big step towards a better sustainability.
Tiffany Goossens
Payroll & Benefits Officer 

@Ogilvy - Social Lab
“We are partnering with Skipr for their innovative and easy to use tool. We believe that using Skipr will trigger our employees to use alternative transportation means as much as possible”
An Van Waes
Mobility & Benefits Manager