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Facturation et informations sur les fournisseurs

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Informations sur les fournisseurs

The purpose of this document is to provide our suppliers with the information they need for the proper forwarding of invoices to Skipr SA Accounts Payable to ensure their quick and efficient processing.

1. Creation of a supplier’s reference
2. Receipt of invoices
3. Payment terms
4. Invoice approval
5. Content of invoices.

In summary
1. Creation of a supplier’s reference:
Every new supplier will need to fill in a file containing the legal data. No invoice can be entered in the books (nor paid), as long as the supplier is not created in SAP, which will not be done if the file is not completed.

The file must mention:
o The legal data of the latter;
o The name of the contact person at the supplier as well as his signature;
o The date of signature;
o The name of the contact person at Skipr who appealed to the services of the supplier and his signature.

Modus operandi:
1. Fill in the form Here
Please note that handwritten files are not accepted.

2. Submit the supplier’s file in PDF-format, at the following e-mail address arnaud@Skipr.co

2. Receipt of invoices:
Invoices can be sent in digital (PDF) format only.Your invoices must be sent directly to Skipr SA Accounts Payable as this ensures strict compliance with the accounting requirements (recording of transactions without delay).

In order to avoid duplicates, the documents that reach us in digital format (PDF) must no longer be sent to us in paper format. To ensure fast and efficient processing of your documents, several e-mail boxes are available:

- invoices@Skipr.co to be used only to send us your invoices, credit notes and debit notes;
- accounting@Skipr.co to be used for reminders and any questions.

3. Payment terms:
Unless exceptions have been negotiated with the head of the department that called on your services, our payment terms are 30 days end of month from the date of your invoice (e.g.an invoice dated 4 April 2017 will be paid on 30 May 2017).

An invoice is paid automatically on our payment due date if and only if the invoice has been approved by the department that called on your services.

4. Invoice approval:Your invoice is approved by the department that has called on your services and doe not depend on "Accounts Payable".

This approval is performed by several people (from 2to 4 people) depending on the amount of your invoice.

5. Invoice content:
The following must imperatively appear on the invoices:
• Invoice issue date;
• Sequential number (serial number under which it is entered in the supplier's sales log);
• Name or corporate name, and full address of the supplier;
• VAT number of the supplier;
• Name or corporate name, and full address of the customer;
• Skipr SA, Rue du Belvédère 29, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
• VAT number of the customer;
• BE 0712.537.551
• If the person liable is not established in Belgium and has obtained authorisation for a responsible representative in the country, the identity and address of the representative and an indication of their status;
• If the person liable is not established in Belgium and is represented by a previously approved person, the identity, the address and the VAT number of this person and an indication of their status;
• Quantity and nature of goods delivered or scope and nature of services rendered;
• The date on which the operative event occurs for the delivery goods or services or the date of settlement of all or part of the price, to the extent that such a date is determined and different from the invoice issue date;
• Unit price excluding VAT, discounts, rebates or reductions if they are not included in the unit price;
• Tax base broken down for each VAT rate or exemption;
• VAT rate (or exemption) applied to each tax base;
• Amount of VAT due;
• The indication "Reverse Charge" instead of the indication of the rates and the total amount of VAT due when the VAT is due by the other party;
• In the case of exemption, the legal reason for this exemption with reference to the directive or the national provision;
• In the case of application of the profit margin regime, reference to the directive or the national provision or to the statement that the profit margin scheme has been applied;
• A reference to the previous part or parts, where multiple invoices or documents are issued or issued for the same transaction;
• Use of any currency but if there is a currency other than the euro, the amount of VAT due must always appears in euros.Failure to comply with the legal notices entails tax penalties.

6. In summary:1. Creation of a supplier’s reference via https://www.Skipr.co/invoicing
2. Invoices to be sent in digital (PDF) format.
3. Contact points: invoices@Skipr.co, accounting@Skipr.co
4. Invoice payments: 30 days end of month.
5. Legal notices that must appear on an invoice.

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